Paula Stott

Board Member

0114 221 0314

I have been going to the “pictures” for nearly 70 years and I still get a thrill sitting down and waiting for curtains to open. I believe in the transformative potential of cinema for individuals , groups and communities. Films in general and some theme tunes and scenes in particular serve both as reference points for my own life and a means to understand myself and others.

My most memorable community cinema screening was being given the honour of screening Revolution of our Times, a documentary banned in Hong Kong and China, against very tight timescales. It was attended by over 130 people mostly from the Hong Kong Community. This film was rarely screened outside of London. It was memorable because of the bravery of the film makers , the searing content, the cinematic quality, but most importantly, the opportunity it gave to the Hong Kong community to come together, for the first time and relive and share their experiences.

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