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Date: 6 December 2023Category: Opportunities

Bristol’s, Redcliffe Films are kindly offering their feature film Hannah More, free for community cinemas to screen. The film is 1 hour 42 minutes long, HD and PG rated. There has been sell out screenings at Scott cinema chain in Bristol and has been screened in all their branches!

A biopic about the life and achievements of English writer, playwright, poet and philanthropist, Hannah More, who was born in 1745 in Bristol. This period drama follows her life’s journey, beginning from childhood all the way to old age. The script contains many significant accomplishments and personal tragedies, including her education at a school that was run by her older sisters where she also taught later, her engagement to a wealthy man, which was subsequently ended, the start of her career as a playwright, and her involvement in educating the poor and assisting in bringing an end to slavery in the British Empire.

Audience Member:

The film was very enjoyable and it helps give the viewer a better understanding of Hannah More’s life and achievements. The lead actress Lily Marion was excellent. The costumes were lovely and colourful and contributed to the film being a pleasure to watch. The locations gave a good West Country flavour to the film. Thoroughly recommended

This biographical movie acknowledges and praises the life of an outstanding individual and the contributions that they made to the world. For those who are interested in Hannah More and enjoy historical dramas, this is a film that is worth checking out. Her story is told in a new feature-length costume drama from Bristol’s Redcliffe Films, directed by Diana Taylor with Lily Maryon in the title role. A collaboration between retired BBC staff and students from Bristol University, UWE, The Old Vic Theatre School and Bath Spa, Hannah More was filmed on location in and around Bristol.

This film is offered free of charge to community cinemas. A free DVD with or without subtitles (please state preference) can be provided. Please contact Anthea at for any enquiries and to book the film for a screening.

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