Screen 'Awake!'

Date: 4 January 2024Category: News

We were proud to support director Sophie Jane Austin’s short film Awake! through our Curate programme, helping to remove barriers faced by independent filmmakers in connecting their films with audiences.

Awake! is an experimental documentary about a community coming together to carry out the ancient ritual of wassailing in these turbulent times. The film is a great opportunity for community cinemas looking to screen short films and had been screened as part of Cornwall Film Festival and Chettle Apple Day.  The filmmakers can offer a Q&A session and bespoke workshops on Community Filmmaking, Storytelling with the Land and Creating Contemporary Rituals. The film is 10 minutes long and available as a DVD, DCP or digital file.

Licence Fees:

  • £40 for Volunteer Led/Community Cinemas
  • £150 for Commercial Cinemas/Film Festivals

If you would like to screen Awake! please get in touch at

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