S.O.U.L. Fest Takeover

Jaq Chell and Abi Standish
Priscilla Igwe and S.O.U.L Fest
Nuru Rimington-Mkali for S.O.U.L Fest and Jay Platt for Cinema For All

We have a special episode for you today with a takeover from our friends at S.O.U.L Fest. S.O.U.L. Fest (Screening Our Unseen Lives) is a month long celebration of Black British talent in film, showcasing new work by Black British film creatives - allowing opportunities to see a diverse representation of Black Britain. The festival is the result of a collaboration between four organisations who serve Black audiences and talent: The British Blacklist, The New Black Film Collective, We Are Parable and S.O.U.L Film. We are so excited to hand the microphone over to hear all about their how they navigated 2020, and their amazing plans for reaching audiences. Many, many thanks to our wonderful friend Priscilla Igwe for organising this take over, and to Nuru Rimington-Mkali for their production work on the S.O.U.L Fest segment, as well as everyone involved in this takeover episode.

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