Ready to explore new ways to develop community cinema? Want to top up your skills and feel empowered in all aspects of running your screenings? Glow could be for you!

Applications for Glow open on 28th June 2024.

  • Developing your marketing – building a strategy that suits you, strengthening your message and marketing planning.
  • Curating your film programme – audience research, honing your vision and opportunities.
  • More Accessible – ideas and information on accessibility of screenings and spaces to welcome more audiences.
  • Organisational strength – looking after and building on the longevity of your cinema on the inner aspect e.g. volunteers, venue and evaluation.
  • Outdoor screenings – tips and advice on running an outdoor screening.
  • Reaching out to your wider your community – advice and planning to support you on your outreach project.
  • Special events – tips, advice and ideas on creating memorable screenings with additional activity.
  • Venue and equipment – refresh your skills or train a team member in screening equipment, how it works and making your screenings cinematic.

A previous Glow participant said:

“We received good suggestions /ideas for moving our film club forwards. It was also interesting to speak to other club organisers during the fundraising session”