The Carrier

Year: 2015Certificate: 15

Anthony Woodley
Rebecca Johnson, Jack Gordon, Joe Dixon
Running Time:
90 mins
English Subtitles:
Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
Action / adventure, Drama, Film, Horror, Sci-Fi / Fantasy, Thriller
How do we respond to a global pandemic? The second wave of an antibiotic resistant infection sweeps through Europe. As England falls, a cabin crew escape on a damaged 747 to find safety in Greenland. But the infection is on the plane... Could you kill the one you love? Could you cut off your infected arm? We see the depths humanity will go to, to stay alive. The selfless thing would be to ground the plane, to stop the infection spreading. But to land in England is a death sentence, and the group decide to keep on flying. They refuse to listen to the one man who is trying to save humanity... and so he sabotages the plane. The 747 plunges down, down, down. The pilot fights to keep control. Forced to land in a country tearing itself apart, they must fight for survival.

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