The Ballymurphy Precedent

Year: 2018Certificate: 15

Callum Macrae
Running Time:
108 mins
Documentary, Film

The Ballymurphy Precedent tells the story of a small group of relatives and survivors fighting to expose
the truth about one of the most shameful — but almost entirely unknown — episodes in the thirty
years of the Northern Irish Troubles. How, just five months before Bloody Sunday, the same
Parachute regiment was involved in targeted shootings in Belfast which left another ten innocent
Catholics dead, including a priest and a mother of eight. An eleventh died of a heart attack after a
confrontation with a Para patrol.

This film, the latest feature documentary from the multi-award-winning director of No Fire Zone: The
Killing Fields of Sri Lanka, is a forensic expose of one of the most shocking events of the troubles, but it
is also an emotionally powerful and sympathetic portrait of the terrible consequences of war on the
people, and in particular the children of one small housing estate at the heart of those tragic events.

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