Rock Dog

Year: 2016Certificate: pg

Ash Brannon
Luke Wilson, Eddie Izzard, J.K. Simmons
Running Time:
90 mins
English Subtitles:
Country of Origin:
China, USA
Action / adventure, Animation, Children / Family, Comedy, Film
Bodi, a wide-eyed Tibetan Mastiff, is expected to become the next village guard to a group of fun-loving, country-side sheep, but fears he doesn’t have the passion to assume the role from his dad, Khampa. Everything changes when a radio literally falls out of the sky and Bodi hears a song by rock legend Angus Scattergood, opening his heart to a musical world he must explore. Leaving home to chase his destiny in the big city, Bodi attracts the attention of Khampa’s nemesis, Linnux. Leader of a hungry wolf pack, Linnux believes that Bodi is his ticket back into the village and closer to delicious sheep. It is up to Bodi to save his family and friends from harm without giving up his newfound dream.

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