Ride The Wave

Year: 2022Certificate: E

Martyn Robertson
Ben Larg
Running Time:
84 mins
English Subtitles:
Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
Documentary, Film, Sport

Available to screen from 9th September 2022.

Having participated in competition surfing worldwide, 14-year-old Scottish, under-18 champion, Ben Larg, is prepared to put his life on the line to ride one of the biggest and most dangerous cold-water waves in the world at Mullaghmore, Ireland. If he gets it right, he joins an elite group. If he gets it wrong, the consequences are terrifying. Danger, opportunity, and dilemma collide, propelling Ben and his family towards an unknown destiny.

"Robertson’s skill lies in maintaining a warm human touch throughout" - Screen Daily

“Robertson’s film is excellent at teasing out all the different things driving Ben towards his date with destiny – the desire to prove himself, the need to evolve as a surfer, his deep-seated fascination with giant waves. Its greatest achievement, though, is the way it also manages to be a film about parenthood.” - The Scotsman

Please note: this film does not have a BBFC film certificate, therefore you will need to get the film locally classified by your local council.

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