Rescue Under Fire

Year: 2017Certificate: 15

Adolfo Martínez
Running Time:
94 mins
Spanish, English
English Subtitles:
Country of Origin:
Action / adventure, Film, Foreign, War

The crew of a medical helicopter crashes in Afghanistan whilst attempting to assist an ambushed patrol of Spanish and American troops. The Spanish army has only one night to organise the rescue of the crew and injured, but what seems routine turns into hell once they receive the order to rescue the helicopter as well. Things only get worse when during the night a huge concentration of insurgents begin surrounding them.

The debut feature from director Alfredo Martínez, a multi-award winning writer who has worked behind the scenes on numerous Hollywood blockbusters including Oblivion and Walt Disney’s 2016 smash hit, The Jungle Book. Rescue Under Fire is an incredibly tense and exciting action thriller that should not be missed.

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