Year: 2017Certificate: 15

John Carroll Lynch
Harry Dean Stanton, David Lynch, Ron Livingston
Running Time:
88 mins
Drama, Film

Lucky follows the spiritual journey of Harry Dean Stanton’s character ‘Lucky’ a cantankerous, self-reliant 90 year old atheist and the quirky characters that inhabit the Arizona town where he lives.

Having out-lived and out-smoked all of his contemporaries, the fiercely independent Lucky finds himself at the precipice of life, thrust into a journey of self-exploration, leading towards that which is so often unattainable: enlightenment.

It is the directorial debut from John Carroll Lynch, an in-demand character actor who has played roles in the likes of Fargo and Zodiac. The cast also features director David Lynch (Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet), Ron Livingston (The Conjuring, Swingers, Office Space), Ed Begley Jr. (St. Elsewhere), and Tom Skerritt (Alien, Top Gun, Contact).

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