Letters From The South

Year: 2013Certificate: E

Aditya Assarat, Midi Z, Royston Tan, Sun Koh, Tan Chui Mui, Tsai-ming Liang
Lu Huang, Kang-sheng Lee
Running Time:
105 mins
English Subtitles:
Country of Origin:
China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand
Comedy, Drama, Film, Foreign, Romance

Six filmmakers of Chinese origin living within the Chinese diaspora in South-East Asia each made a short film to represent their feelings towards their homeland. Among them, Aditya Assarat’s Now Now Now relates a Chinese-Thai schoolgirl’s meeting with her cousin from mainland China, Royston Tan’s Popiah explores Chinese culinary traditions, while Tsai Ming-Liang’s Walking on Water casts a contemplative reflection on the building in which he grew up. As a collection, Letters from the South offers a series of poetic meditations on Chinese diaspora that combine to present a broad perspective on Chinese cultural identities in Asia today.

Available to screen from 01 Aug 2016

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