I Am Belmaya

Year: 2021Certificate: 12

Sue Carpenter, Belmaya Nepali
Belmaya Nepali
Running Time:
81 mins
English, Nepali
English Subtitles:
Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
Documentary, F-Rated, Film
Please note: All 3 of Belmaya Nepali's short films are on the disc we have of the film and you are welcome to screen these as part of your screening of the feature film.

This film has subtitles for all spoken Nepali but to access full subtitles in the English language for accessible screenings, select 'English Subtitles'.  

“Such a raw, powerful film. one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen”


Dominated by her husband, family and society, Belmaya is desperate for independence. Born in a poor hill village in Nepal, a Dalit (the lowest, ‘untouchable’ caste), orphaned aged nine, and trapped in an abusive marriage with a baby daughter, Belmaya at 21 has given up hope of finding happiness.

Rewind to 2006, when Belmaya, then a feisty teenager living in a girls’ home in Pokhara, participated in a photo project. Impassioned and inspired, she was eager to change her discriminatory world through photography. But that window closed when the home locked away her camera.

Now she gets a second chance, this time to train in documentary filmmaking. Picking up the camera once more, her old spark returns. Determined to create a better life for her young daughter, Belmaya gains the skills and confidence to forge a new path. She embarks on her graduation film about the importance of education for girls. But are her resentful husband and conservative community ready for this?

An inspirational and moving tale of rebellion, courage and hope, spanning 14 years, as Belmaya battles to change her story and take charge of her life.

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