Green Room

Year: 2015Certificate: 15

Jeremy Saulnier
Sir Patrick Stewart, Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, Alia Shawkat
Running Time:
94 mins
Country of Origin:
Film, Horror, Thriller
Green Room is an intense horror thriller about a punk band held captive by white supremacists after a murder occurs. The film has shaken audiences throughout its festival run, including at Cannes where it screened in this year’s Directors’ Fortnight. Having been stiffed on their payment for a gig, the band is forced to make a detour and play an extra show in order to afford fuel to get home. Pat (Anton Yelchin - Only Lovers Left Alive), Sam, Reece and Tiger find themselves in rural Oregon performing in front of a gathering of neo-Nazis. Just when it looks like they are home free, they stumble across a murder and are trapped in the venue’s designated green room. Suspicion, doubt and fear from both camps culminates in a series of violent acts that supremacist leader Darcy Banker (Sir Patrick Stewart, playing against type) and his right hand man Gabe (Macon Blair - Blue Ruin) attempt to keep under control. Available to screen from 10 Jun 2016

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