Closed Curtain

Year: 2013Certificate: 12

Jafar Panahi, Kambuzia Partovi
Kambuzia Partovi, Maryam Moqadam, Jafar Panahi
Running Time:
106 mins
English Subtitles:
Country of Origin:
Drama, Film, Foreign

A screenwriter, living in seclusion with only his dog as company, finds himself  hiding with a young woman who has fled the local authorities. Despite his persistent requests, she refuses to leave and the film takes a surreal turn when a film crew begin to appear in their safe house.

Written and co-directed by Jafar Panahi, Closed Curtain was made while Panahi was still living under house arrest and serving an ongoing ban from making films. In the aftermath of the film being smuggled out of Iran and its screenplay winning the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, Partovi and Moqadam had their passports confiscated by the Iranian authorities. This film is a statement of free speech and artistic integrity as much as a piece of entertainment.


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