Year: 2020Certificate: pg

Lars Edman, William Johansson
Running Time:
97 mins
English, Spanish, Swedish
English Subtitles:
Country of Origin:
Belgium, Chile, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
Documentary, Film, Foreign

A Swedish mining company exports 20,000 tonnes of toxic waste to the Chilean desert town of Arica. Thousands of people become sick, many die from cancer. Arica plunges us into the groundbreaking corporate accountability trial which begins after Lars Edman – born in Chile and raised in Boliden, birthplace of the company – exposes the scandal.

Alongside his co-director William Johansson, Lars follows the story for 15 years, exposing how decisions made decades ago in Europe continue to affect people in South America. Part personal journey, part courtroom drama, ARICA is the story of an afflicted community fighting for justice against a multinational company desperate to clear their name.

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