Booking Scheme Price Change

Date: 7 December 2023Category: News

From 01/01/24 we are changing the price of our Booking Scheme licences. Any screenings taking place after this date will now cost £97. This decision was reached after careful consideration, as we have maintained the same pricing for the past five years. However, due to rising expenses, we find it necessary to implement this modest increase. To ensure we can always provide our members with affordable options, as well as excellent titles, we’re pleased to introduce a rotating selection of ten exciting titles that will remain available for just £90. If you haven’t booked A Bunch of Amateurs or Minari yet – now is your chance! Take a look at the full menu here.

We will continue to provide the cheapest film licences available and help support community cinemas and film societies as best we can.

Our member’s feedback is very important to us, so if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch at

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