The volunteers who put on film screenings in their communities are a special bunch of committed film fans. Cinema For All believes that their work is hugely important, and has a significant impact on the film industry, on local regeneration and on people’s lives.

  • The first film society was founded in 1925, starting nearly 100 years of volunteer-led film exhibition.
  • Community cinemas and film societies bring film to all areas of the country – 31% of community screens operate in rural areas, compared to only 3% of commercial venues.
  • They support home-grown film and talent – 25% of films shown by community groups are UK productions.
  • They engage with the people in their communities – a film society experience brings you together as a community to share the magic of cinema. Community cinemas bring back that habit of cinema-going, that was once thought lost.
  • From libraries, village halls, buses and skateparks – community cinema screenings can take place anywhere.
  • They do it because they love it – we believe that a community screening can be an inspiring and unique way to experience cinema. The passion and enthusiasm of the volunteer organisers comes though in many thoughtful and highly creative ways.

How We Help

  • Offer free advice and ongoing support to all groups via our email and phone service. Get in touch on info@cinemaforall.org.uk or call 0114 2210314.
  • Bring exhibitors together through events, screenings, workshops and networking opportunities.
  • Publish advice, case studies and educational materials to help groups at all stages of operation.
  • Provide a wide range of member benefits, including access to the Cinema For All Booking Scheme, insurance discounts and special offers from our partners.
  • Champion the community cinema sector, and advocate at a national level on policy, planning and licensing.