Complete the 2018/19 Community Exhibitor Survey

Each year Cinema For All conducts a survey of the community film exhibition sector to gather a wide range of data about the groups that we represent.

The survey is extremely important to us, our funders and the work we do to best represent the needs and interests of community cinemas across the UK. Filling out the survey is also really beneficial to you, as it gives you a chance to reflect on and talk about all of the great work done by you and your fellow volunteers throughout the past year.

The results of the survey are shared widely and are a major opportunity to publicly showcase the excellence of volunteer-led cinema, the great value you represent and the wonderful films you show!

As a thank you from us for completing the survey, you will be entered into a draw to win one of our fantastic prizes:

  • First prize: 2 tickets to the 2019 Community Cinema Conference
  • Second prize: £50 John Lewis voucher
  • Third prize: Cinema For All goody bag full of Blu Rays, DVDs and more

Deadline for responses: 16 August 2019

You can read through the results of last year’s survey here.
Please let us know if you have any access issues or wish to discuss the survey with us. All the very best for your upcoming screenings!