Update regarding UK Lockdown

The following is a message sent to community cinemas on 2 November in response to changes to the UK lockdown and tier systems.

Hello everyone,

We hope you and your audience members are keeping well. We know this is an extraordinarily difficult time, and many of you will have gone through times of terrible stress and personal sadness. We are here for you.

I’m sure you’re all aware of the rules, changes, extensions to the Tier systems and lockdown announcements across the UK and in the 4 nations. Though many of you have been holding on to the New Year to make any re-opening plans, we know many of you have been holding some socially distanced screenings and events over the last few months and are now facing cancellations and venue closures once again. We know how frustrated you must be feeling.

As England enters lockdown between 5 November and 2 December, we will assume that any in-person screenings you have booked with us for that period are cancelled – however, please ve aware that we are adding new titles to our online film club collection as quickly as we can.

You can find out more about the differing tier system/ lockdown systems in the regions and nations of the UK and how cinemas are affected here:


However, as we discovered earlier in the year, the business of running a community cinema doesn’t stop when the doors close. Online Film Clubs, DVD drop off services, food drives and more were just some of the community-led initiatives that made a real difference in people’s lives during the last national lockdown. In moments of national sadness and frustration, we find ourselves looking towards the stories of all the good that has been done, and we’re filled with hope.

At Cinema For All, we have continued to work through the crisis to bring you services, training, discounts, advice, partner offers, events and new film content. We will continue to bring you these services and offers, and help you prepare for the days when we can all meet again around a cinema screen. If you need any advice at all please get in touch on info@cinemaforall.org.uk. If you have been helped by these services and resources, we simply ask that you keep your membership up to date and postpone rather than cancel any bookings.

If you are in a position to do so, please consider a donation, as these times have hit us hard: https://cinemaforall.org.uk/about-cinema-for-all/support-us/

In the coming months, look out for the opening of the Community Cinema Venue Fund, further announcements of training and bursary support, more events and even a few online meet-ups. We’ll continue to support you with the safe re-opening of your venue, when it is time to do so, find you great film content and discounts and lobby the industry to better support the community cinema sector. As we have seen so many times at Cinema For All (as a nearly 75 year-old organisation!) it’s your love of your community, and your passion for reaching them through great film, that leads the way.


All the best,

The Cinema For All Team