This week, we are celebrating Trustees Week (4-8 November)!

We are delighted to have recently welcomed 3 new wonderful Trustees to the Cinema For All Board. We asked co-opted Board Member, Rebecca Ellis, some questions about her experience so far, and what advice she would give to anyone thinking of becoming a Trustee.

Why did you decide to become a trustee of Cinema For All?

The importance of Film Education is so important to me, particularly in today’s context where the creative arts continue to become marginalised within the curriculum. By becoming a Trustee I hoped to add value to this already thriving organisation, by helping them develop the educational strands within their strategy. Cinema for All has been an organisation I admire for so long – to be able to help them in any way is an absolute privilege.

What do you enjoy most about your role as Trustee?

Even as a new Trustee, I have already experienced a lot of enjoyment in the role. I have met some extremely dynamic individuals and some great female role models who have already, unknowingly helped me with my confidence levels and how I approach things in my daily working life. I have enjoyed experiencing what goes on behind the scenes of an organisation and figuring out how I can bridge any gaps with my skillset. Of course the Cinema for All Annual Conference and Awards has to be a highlight of my experience so far. I very much enjoyed introducing the Little Shop of Horrors welcome screening and dissecting it further with members throughout the Conference. I was very pleased to be able to shed new light on the film as a masterpiece of cult camp cinema!

Do you have any advice for people who want to become a Trustee?

My advice would be to choose an organisation that excites you, somewhere you feel like you can add value and go for it! Personally for me, the experience has enhanced my knowledge in a range of areas about how a charitable organisation functions.