This week, we are celebrating Trustees Week (4-8 November)!

We are delighted to have recently welcomed 3 new wonderful Trustees to the Cinema For All Board. We asked Board Member, Jane Mehta, some questions about her experience so far, and what advice she would give to anyone thinking of becoming a Trustee.

Why did you decide to become a trustee of Cinema For All?

I saw the advert for the trustee role, looked at the website, liked it, listened to a podcast and was hooked. It’s a great fit with the work I do for my local cinema which I helped to found. I felt it was an opportunity to use my love of cinema and my professional skills to spread and share the excitement and joy of cinema!

What do you enjoy most about your role as Trustee?

It’s early days for me. So far I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the team and understanding more about Cinema For All and what it can offer. I really enjoyed the conference in September – the films and debates were stimulating and interesting. I’m also enjoying getting to know Sheffield and I love the train trip North!

Do you have any advice for people who want to become a Trustee?

Work with something you love to do and be really clear about what you have to offer and what the organisation will get from you – it’s a partnership.