Member and Associate paying £95 must be not-for-profit. Groups that are not volunteer led may access Cinema For All membership at the higher rate of £110.

Associates must send in a recent bank statement in order to use the Booking Scheme.

Members must lodge their constitution (or governing documents) with Cinema For All central office.

Members must send their end of year accounts to Cinema For All central office (when available).

Cinema For All reserves the right to rescind membership at any time.

Cinema For All advice and guidance is given in good faith and with the best intentions and is based on our many years of experience and expertise as the national organisation for community cinema in the UK. However, our advice is just that, advice. You are responsible for adhering to any laws and regulations, or any agreements you enter into, checking the validity and suitability of guarantees, warranties, contracts or agreement clauses, and for sourcing and obtaining the correct licences. Cinema For All accepts no legal responsibility for any consequences of advice given by us.