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Modern Films are offering you the opportunity to screen Utøya-July 22 at the same time as it’s theatrical release, from 26 October 2018!

The specifications are that you must screen the film 5 times and the licence for each screening is offered at £100 minimum guarantee vs 35% of your box office. You can get access to marketing assets (stills, trailer link, synopsis etc.) as well as an education pack with suggestions on post-screening discussions to host for your audience.

Your screenings would be listed here so more people can find out about when it’s on at your cinema, and is available to screen from DCP, disc or download. You can watch the trailer here.


‘The feature film Utøya-July 22 is about a day we will never forget, but find hard to understand. Many of the facts about what happened at the AUF Summer Camp on July 22nd, 2011, have already been published in litigation, books, and the media, but few of us know much about the unthinkable panic and confusion that occurred, or the impossible choices the victims were faced with; a terrorist attack that caused so much fear and grief, that they must live with the rest of their lives.

Utøya-July 22 is written on the basis of known facts and witness statements, and created in close dialogue with several survivors – though out of respect for the victims and their relatives, characters and individual experiences are fictitious. In the film we meet Kaja (18) and her friends at the summer camp, and experience that day as someone on the island could have. The film starts when the teenagers in the camp, shocked by news of the bombing in Oslo, are assuring their relatives that they are far away from harm. The safe atmosphere is shattered when the noise of gunfire is heard, and we begin to follow Kaja in her fight to survive – minute by minute.’

If you’re interested in screening Utøya-July 22, please get in touch with Johanna at Modern Films at johanna@modernfilms.com