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In 1929, medical doctor Friedrich Ritterand and his lover/ patient Dore Strauch left behind their lives in Germany and set up home in an isolated, uninhabited part of the Galapagos Islands (Floreana), hoping to immerse themselves in a piece of untouched paradise. After a spot of unwanted publicity, other settlers start to arrive on Floreana – a young German family, and a glamourous woman calling herself ‘the Baroness’, accompanied by her two lovers. When the Baroness announces her intention to build a hotel and bring tourists to the island, hard-fought plans for a peaceful existence begin to crumble and murder comes to the Galapagos.

A fascinating true story told through photographs, home movies, letters and passed-down family legends. The Galapagos Affair uses voice-overs from Cate Blanchett, Sebastian Koch and Diane Kruger to narrate the mystery of Floreana with pace and intrigue. A deeply fascinating look at humans in nature unable to shed their human nature.

The Galapagos Affair would work well as part of a season of both feature films and documentaries exploring real-life events (Bonnie and Clyde, Rope, In Cold Blood) or real life mysteries (The Imposter, Grizzly Man, West of Memphis).

Words by Jaq Chell

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Trouble in Paradise: The Galapagos Affair

Opening in cinemas this Friday, The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden is an engrossing and mysterious documentary about the ill-fated community that was established on the small island of Floreana in the early 1930s. This strange and lurid tale contains at its heart a mystery that has never been solved. The Galapagos Affair will be available from the Cinema For All Booking Scheme from 8 August, just two weeks after its cinema release! Preview discs will also be available for film society and community cinema programmers – get in touch if you are interested!

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