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Community Exhibitor Survey 2020-2021

It’s that time of year when we open up our survey satchels to gather as much information about the sector as we possibly can. This year, there are also some stellar prizes up for grabs.

Why do we run the survey? Well, although we are in regular contact with members, the survey allows us to gather data to identify important trends, and to hear new feedback about key issues in the sector. It helps us to celebrate successes and to find the ways we can best support community exhibition going forward. Each year, we create a report from our findings. This becomes an important record of how the sector adapts to change.

Given the challenges of the last year, it’s extremely important to us that we gather a wide range of responses so that we can represent the sector accurately and advocate for its interests. No matter how active or inactive your group has been over the last year, we would love to hear from you.

Not only will you be pitching in with important work, you also have a chance to win one of three fantastic prizes in our survey prize draw.

Prizes include:

  • A £50 John Lewis voucher
  • A six-month subscription to Sight and Sound magazine
  • A Blu-ray/DVD boxset selected by Cinema For All

To take part in the prize draw, be sure to fill in your contact details at the end of the survey. This information will be stored separately so that all survey responses will remain completely anonymous.

Previous Community Exhibitor Survey reports can be read HERE.

Please, take some time to fill in our survey HERE. If you have hosted screenings between April 2020-March 2021, please have records to hand.

Thank you!


You can now download Cinema For All’s 2019 Community Exhibitor Survey report.

Each year, we conduct a survey of the community film exhibition sector to gather a wide range of data about the groups we represent.  This year’s survey report presents findings from the past year, and, for the first time, also analyses trends within the sector over the past 10 years.

The Community Exhibitor Survey allows us to see what we’re doing well and what we could improve on. Not only this, but it gives you a chance to reflect on all of the great work done by you and your fellow volunteers!

Highlights from the Community Exhibitor Survey 2019:

  • The three most-screened films were Three Billboards, A Fantastic Woman and Shoplifters.
  • The average adult ticket price is £6.04 – once again, over a pound lower than the commercial average!
  • The average total number of admissions across the year per group has risen by over 1,000 since 2009, now at 2,383.
  • Over a quarter of groups are based in cities. This figure has risen by 20% over the last decade!
  • 24% of films screened were in a foreign language and 21% were British.
  • Over half of the films screened by at least ten respondents were British or in a foreign language.
  • 853 different films were screened by respondents, and over two thirds of these were screened by just one respondent. This shows the great variety in your programmes!
  • Over half of groups enhanced their screenings with additional activity (e.g. Q+As, guest speakers, immersive elements).

Download previous survey reports here.