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You can now book a fantastic new short film, Conservation Conversations, for your community cinema! The 4 minute short is completely free to screen and uses archive footage from the Yorkshire and North East Film Archives. Screening Conservation Conversations is a perfect opportunity to introduce short films to your audience, screening it either before your feature film or as part of a larger programme of shorts.

The film captures and reveals the shifting concerns over past decades about issues which radically impact on our environment: changes to the landscape and natural habitat, urban development, the nuclear threat – conflict and energy – waterways, waste management, the campaigns people believed in passionately, alongside recent footage of alternative quests to build more sustainable lifestyles.

The environment is one of the major issues of our time and is a subject that provokes debate and action across all generations. The job of the Archives is to protect, preserve, and create access to how these issues have been documented over time and collect and conserve contemporary footage to continue to build a collection that reflects a range of perspectives of people today!

If you screen Conservation Conversations, please also encourage your audiences to fill in a short online survey. Conservation Conversations is available until the end of December 2019 and will be supplied as a download link.

Email Sarah on sarah@cinemaforall.org.uk for more details and to book.

Preview the film and find the survey here.

Top 10 Shorts of Leeds International Film Festival

A belated final post from Leeds covers the best shorts from the 30+ I saw at the festival this year. As expected the range of short films was diverse both in content and style and the shorts hailed from all over the world. The short programmes I saw were the 6 Louis Le Prince Award programmes as well as the European Documentary Shorts programme. This was barely scratching the surface of the shorts that were on offer this year but there were far too many to fit in! Here though is my Top 10 Short Films of Leeds International Film Festival 2013.

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