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Country Spotlight: South Korea

In this second entry to the Country Spotlight feature I’ll be taking a look at the history of South Korea’s film industry and its role during the cultural and political upheavals that took place during the 20th Century. Please feel free to make use of this blog, and the others in the series, as programme notes to supplement your screenings. To make this easier a pdf version can be found here. Rather than just concentrating on a single title it can be worthwhile to give your audience an idea of the wider context in which a film exists. Whether you’re programming a season of Korean cinema or just a single film I hope this brief overview is both informative and interesting.
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Two greats of contemporary asian cinema

The latest distributor to join the BFFS Booking Scheme is Third Window Films, with 30 new titles representing some of the best of contemporary Asian cinema. In this post I review two of the new films, Himizu a love story and revenge thriller set in a dystopian vision of post-tsunami Japan; and The President’s Last Bang, a lavish, satirical take on the murder of Korean President Park Chung-Hee. Continue reading