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Back Catalogue: The Conformist

Continuing my delve into the extensive collection of films on the BFFS Collection I recently watched The Conformist, Bertolucci’s pre-WWII set thriller. The film centres on a weak-willed agent of the Mussolini government who is sent to France to assassinate a political dissident. Though vaguely aware of the film and its reputation beforehand I was nonetheless awed by this tremendous film.
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Girlfriend in a Coma Exclusive Interview

This week the Booking Scheme Blog welcomes Deborah, our Managing Director, to tell us about one of the latest titles on the BFFS Booking Scheme, the dazzling documentary Girlfriend in a Coma. Deborah talked with the film’s director, writer and producer, Annalisa Piras, and co-writer and former editor of the Economist, Bill Emmott. The film features some startling animation and Benedict Cumberbatch voicing Dante. Continue reading