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New short film collection – Encounters Film Festival Award Winners 2013

We’re thrilled to be working once again with Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival on a fantastic collection of short films.
This collection of 12 shorts, animated and live action, homegrown and international, is available for purchase now from BFFS. At only £100 with screening rights for 12 months this is a tremendous offer for some fantastic new short films.

Here’s a quick run through of what’s on offer:

Adrift | Frederik Jan Depickere | 9 mins
Documentary Award

After fleeing genocide in Uganda a lonely man now clings to a poorly paid job in the Arctic circle working on the construction of a school designed to look like a rocket. Tragically he reveals that his childhood dreams have been replaced with the simple desire to live a quiet life.


Anomalies | Ben Cady | 12 mins
Animated Best of British Award

A black and white hand drawn stick world is invaded by suspicious objects, flickering coloured images. Though they just sit there, they are soon prodded and poked and observed by a gathering of people: scientists, painters, children. What are these strange objects? And why have they appeared?

Beat | Aneil Karia | 12 mins
New Talent Award

A man (Ben Whishaw in a committed performance) is living on the edge of hopelessness. He is reckless and troubled, paranoid even. We see a day in his life, filled with confrontation and threat.

Behind the Journey | Bristol Sprout | 3 mins
Best of South West Award 

Made in just 117 hours this brief documentary looks at the workers behind the scenes of the nail network, those who clean up after the travellers have disembarked. It’s full of surprising, and sometimes shocking, stories about the kinds of things we leave behind in our journeys.

Cargo Cult | Bastien Dubois | 12 mins
Cartoon d’Or 

A native tribesmen is entranced by the great machines of the naval army base on his island. He regales his community with tales of flying machines and builds models of them. But when WW2 breaks out the terrible power of these machines is revealed.

cargo cult

Cool Unicorn, Bruv | Ninan Doff | 2 mins
DepicT! Audience Award & Grand Prix

A guy is trying to sell his bike – “it’s got a titanium frame, new wheels…” he boasts to an interested passer-by. But then someone else comes past with a unicorn – it can travel to the 4th dimension and harness the energy of the universe. Can his bike compare?
Short, sharp and very funny.

Fear of Flying | Conor Finnegan | 9 mins
Children’s Jury Award

A delightful family friendly stop motion short. Dougal, a small bird, has a dreadful fear of flying. He lives in a treehouse and happily climbs down an enormous ladder to go and look for food. He’s coping, but winter is coming and all the other birds are heading to the Sunny South. Will Dougal overcome his fear and follow them? Or will he have to brave the cold in his little house?

fear of flying

Happy Birthday Cindy Wei | Tsveta Cozanova | 11 mins
South West Showcase

A shy and lonely teenager who works part time in her father’s takeaway is encouraged to express herself after learning of her cousin’s unusual double life.

Home | Thomas Gleeson | 11 mins
Audience Award

An empty but intact house is being transported across the New Zealand countryside on the back of a huge flat-bed truck. Mountains pass by out the bedroom window, the doors swing back and forth as the truck squeezes round a tight bend. Spectacular cinematography and a truly unusual event.

In The Air Is Christopher Gray | Felix Massie | 10 mins
Grand Prix Award

Christopher is in love with Stacey and “no amount of lemonade could cool his desire”. But Christopher doesn’t know how to impress her until Stacey’s mum compliments him on jumping over 8 earthworms laid end to end on his bike. Would Stacey find such a feat impressive? Meanwhile Barry Flynt has bought his son a six foot long python…
A darkly funny short with vivid animation.

Rosemary Jane | Carolina Petro | 17 mins

Best of British Award

63 year old Rosemary lives alone after the death of her husband and is plagued by insomnia. In an effort to break out of her depression she heads out to the streets with a bold idea to lift her spirits: to smoke marijuana.

Stardust | Mischa Rozema | 4 mins
Music Video Award

Set to the song Helio by Ruben Samama this stunning short follows the Voyager 1 probe, the furthest man-made object from the sun, and witness to incredible sights. Rozema’s short imagines what Voyager may discover in the future, a cacophony of colour, stars and disintegrating planets. Sublime.