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Exquisite, stunning, euphoric. Dazzling. Timeless. Beautiful. These are just some of the words used to describe Moonlight.

Moonlight is the second feature film by director Barry Jenkins and has won over critics, audiences and most recently the Academy who gave it the Oscar for Best Picture.

The film follows the life of Chiron, a young black man who struggles through adolescence as he navigates his sexuality, his relationship with his loving but neglectful mother and frequent abuse from his peers. Not only does Moonlight offer a little-seen perspective in film, it is completely unique in its construction, ebbing away from expectation and exhaling like a cool breeze.

From its first public screening in the mountains at Telluride Film Festival and ascending its way to red carpets and critical acclaim, this film has been on quite a journey. Now Moonlight has arrived here with us on the Cinema For All Booking Scheme, courtesy of Altitude, a distribution partner that we enjoy working with to help bring vibrant and unique films for community cinemas to screen.

Moonlight Poster
The Moonlight poster glowing in the Cinema For All office.

Understanding the needs of community cinemas is at the heart of what we do and we are always striving to provide the best discounts, benefits and support. Moonlight is not released on DVD and Blu Ray until June and we are thrilled to make it available for community cinemas to screen from 10 March on an early release window.  We are ecstatic to have Moonlight here with us for many reasons but we look forward to you sharing it with your audiences most of all.

To book Moonlight click here. 

Dear White People


A satirical, hip and pointedly funny film, Dear White People follows four black people at a predominantly white Ivy League University and the culture war that breaks out between the host of a controversial radio show “Dear White People” and the university’s humour magazine when they organise a black-face Halloween party. The debut feature film by writer/director Justin Simien, Dear White People premiered to substantial acclaim at last year’s Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Special Jury Award. Simien has been described as a Spike Lee for the new generation and his film serves as both a vital and illuminating commentary on race relations and casually upends the stereotypical portrayal of black people on screen we are usually faced with.

Dear White People

Dear White People’s release woes have bought into focus the struggle to get stories about and by black people into cinemas – the journey to UK exhibition has been a long and arduous one, until the New Black Film Collective jumped in to take on the role of distributor for the first time. Though its theatrical release is limited, Dear White People is a film that deserves to be more widely seen and is likely to be embraced by the community cinema sector, which has a long history of supporting diverse titles and important stories.

Cinema For All is proud to be able to offer Dear White People for DVD bookings now.

With thanks to the New Black Film Collective.

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Love is Strange Poster

Love is Strange Early Window!

The acclaimed romantic drama Love is Strange, starring Alfred Molina, John Lithgow and Marisa Tomei, hits UK cinemas on the 13 February and we are excited to be able to make the film available to community cinema exhibitors as early as 1 March; thanks to new Booking Scheme Partners Altitude Film Distribution.

Ben (Lithgow) and George (Molina) have been together for nearly 40 years and have finally decided to tie the knot. But when George loses his job soon after the wedding Ben and George are forced to sell their flat and move in with their friends of family. George stays on the sofa of some friends downstairs while Ben finds himself in Brooklyn staying with his nephew’s family and sharing a bunk bed with their teenage son. While struggling with the pain of separation Ben and George are further challenged by the inter-generational tensions and difficult living arrangements.

Love is Strange has been warmly received by critics and was recently nominated for four awards at the Independent Spirit Awards including Best Feature, Best Lead Actor and Best Supporting Actor.

Cinema For All members can book the film for DVD or Blu-ray screenings from 1st March here.


Gloria – in cinemas this weekend, in community cinemas in three weeks!

After preview screenings and Q&As last week Gloria hits cinemas nationwide this Friday on the back of a huge publicity campaign (just look at the Guardian Film homepage today) and has been drawing rave reviews across the board.

Centring on a middle aged female protagonist, Gloria is a rare delight, a film that shows that life doesn’t end at 50 and in the eponymous Gloria features a charming, flawed and entirely relatable character. Divorced and with her kids having left home Gloria chooses to throw herself back into life and make the most of her freedom. She starts dating Rodolfo, a retired naval officer, also divorced whom she meets at a nightclub. Although initially the relationship gets of to a good start Rodolfo hasn’t shaken off his ties to his ex-wife and remains stridently committed to his two daughters, whom he jumps to at every call. Though frustrated and disappointed, Gloria never loses her optimism, her free spiritedness, her sense of humour.

Paulina García is the star of the film and given that Gloria is told entirely from her perspective the success of the film rests significantly on her shoulders. Though hardly known outside of Chilean television García is a revelation here and sure to add many more Best Actress awards to her Berlin Film Festival prize. Watch an interview with García here.

Chile’s official entry to the Academy Awards expectations are high that Gloria could follow in No‘s footsteps and become the second Chilean film to be nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. From the same producers as No, Gloria continues a growing trend of international recognition of contemporary Chilean cinema and is likely to replicate No‘s successes at the box office.

As with the release of No in February this year BFFS is again working with Network Releasing to make Gloria available to community cinemas and film societies as close to the theatrical release as possible. Released theatrically this Friday 1 November, Gloria is available to screen exclusively through the BFFS Booking Scheme from 22 November, well in advance of its DVD release in February.

To book the film send a booking form to rich.bffs@gmail.com or to our office address. Network Releasing will also provide posters to groups screening the film!