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On 3 November, we ran our second Vote 100: Born a Rebel event at Shakespeare Hall in Durham!

At the start of the event, we all helped ourselves to cakes, sandwiches and sat down to watch Vote 100: Born a Rebel on the big screen.

The chair and a couple of the panelists were teary-eyed when they stood up after the film to tell us their ‘demands’ for the future of the UK for its women, and to discuss how they could make that happen. The conversation saw some really varied and interesting viewpoints being discussed in a friendly, respectful way. This was also the tone of the group discussion that followed, from which the attendees drew up their own list of demands, ranging from the political, to the civic, to the familial.

‘Today has shown me I need to influence change in my own community’

We then took a short break and got ready to watch the fantastic The Divine Order (with more tea and cake of course), while we ran a workshop turning our demands into placards!

‘I have heard so many different and fascinating perspectives’

The event ended with a round of applause and a cry of ‘Yay, women!’
Our next Vote 100: Born a Rebel event will be taking place in Huddersfield on Sunday 17 November. Find out more about our Huddersfield event and get your tickets here.


Available now*!


Vote 100: Born a Rebel – a 15 minute short film made by Cinema For All together with the YorkshireNorth East and North West Film Archives – is now available to book, exclusively for Cinema For All Members and Associates.


The film is an exploration of women in protest across the North of England and marks 100 years since the start of women’s suffrage in the UK. The film is supported by the Women’s Vote Centenary Grant Scheme. The film scored a spectacular 96% with audiences when premiered at the Cinema For All Community Cinema Conference in September.

‘A tear in my eye while watching this film. The passion for this project really shines through. I can’t wait to see it again’ – Leigh Film Society

Showing women’s lives from the suffragettes to the miner’s strikes, and much more, the film’s title is inspired by the first person we encounter in the film – suffragette Elizabeth Dean who, celebrating her 100th birthday, defiantly tells the camera:

‘Between you and I, I must have been born a rebel!’

Terms and conditions:

  • Available only to Cinema For All Members and Associates (join here).
  • The film is £25 per screening or you can pay £100 to screen as many times as you like (until 24th August 2019).
  • You must send audience numbers back to Cinema For All after your screening.
  • The film is currently only available as a downloadable link. DVDs and Blu-Rays will be available in December. Please contact us if you would like to request a disk.
  • You will be invoiced for the film after your screening.
  • Please refer to the Booking Scheme terms and conditions for our standard rules and regulations, which also cover this film.
  • No screenings are to take place after 24th August 2019.

* Locational restrictions:

If you are within a 50 mile radius of one of the following cities, you will only be able to screen the film after 1st December 2018 (to avoid clashes with our Vote: 100 celebration events – book tickets here): Huddersfield, Sheffield, Durham, Liverpool

If you’d like to throw your own immersive suffrage-inspired event, or are looking for ideas of feature films to pair with our short, take a look at our new learning resource, which is filled with advice from your fellow community cinemas to make your event unmissable.

We hope you enjoy this very special film, which we are excited to finally share with you. If you would like to submit your own Born a Rebel story to be considered for archive preservation, find out more here.


Last Thursday, 18 October, we ran the first of our Vote 100: Born a Rebel events at The Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston. The event was completely sold out, so we were even more excited to share the Vote 100: Born a Rebel film with you all, experience the brilliant Woman on Fire, and of course, enjoy lots of tea and cake!

Oriana and Ellie from the Cinema For All team arrived early to help set the venue along with Catherine from Aunty Social, who kindly lent us the group’s beautiful hand-made women’s suffrage banners.

We kicked the evening off with a suffragette-style tea party in The Harris’ beautiful Community History room. During the tea party we watched a screening of our newly commissioned short film Vote 100: Born a Rebel, which had the audience laughing, crying, and even hissing at the screen like they were watching a pantomime!

The tea party was followed by an incredible one-woman-show, Woman on Fire. Produced by Certain Curtain Theatre Company, the play explored the life of local suffragette Edith Rigby and the standing ovation that followed the performance could be heard throughout the building.

An audience member said that the event encouraged women to ‘realise the need and duty to speak up, campaign, act on issues’ 

Our next Vote 100: Born a Rebel event will be taking place in Durham on Saturday 3 November. Find out more about our Durham event and get your tickets here.


We are so excited and proud to release the official trailer for Vote 100: Born a Rebel!

The film, made up of footage from the Yorkshire, North East and North West Film Archives, was made in response to the lack of women’s voices in the archives.

Stories of rebellion. Stories of bravery. Stories of women who aren’t waiting for permission to take what they want.

See how you can get involved with the campaign here.


We are so excited to launch our new project, Vote 100: Born A Rebel. 

Vote 100: Born a Rebel is our newly commissioned short film made up of wonderful footage from the YorkshireNorth East and North West Film Archives. The film was made to celebrate 100 years of women’s suffrage, and to show important footage of women throughout history.

When we were watching the film, we were inspired by the words of Elizabeth Dean who, still a proud suffragette at 100 years old, told the camera “between you and I, I think I must have been born a rebel!”

We are screening the film across 5 locations in the North of England and creating exciting events around each of them! The events will include live music, panel discussions, spoken word, theatre performance, children’s workshops, tasty food and women being great to each other!

We want more rebellious women like Mrs Dean in the film archives to inspire future generations of women – and that’s where we need your help! We would like you to send us your stories of rebellion, or of the rebellious women who inspire you, and your film could be entered into the archives.

For more information on the project and how to submit your video, visit our webpage here.



We are pleased to announce the full programme for this year’s Community Cinema Conference – our annual celebration of volunteer-led cinema!


Some of the highlights of this year’s programme include an invaluable masterclass on mental health awareness from Dr. Emmie McFadden alongside a screening of Harvey, a fascinating Keynote from Anandi Ramamurthy focusing on Palestinian Cinema, and a session with journalist and BFI Senior Curator, Danny Leigh.

There will also be a variety of masterclasses and workshops delivered by members of the Cinema For All team and a premiere screening of Vote100: Born a Rebel, which has been made in partnership with the North West Film Archive, the Yorkshire Film Archive and the North East Archive.

As well as all of this, we have screenings of Skate Kitchen, The Apparition, Columbus, Anchor and Hope, 3000 Nights and C’est La Vie!

Food and refreshments throughout the weekend are included in the ticket price!