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This week, we are celebrating Trustees Week (4-8 November)!

We are delighted to have recently welcomed 3 new Trustees to the Cinema For All Board. We asked newly Elected Trustee, Victoria Walden, some questions about her experience so far, and what advice she would give to anyone thinking of becoming a Trustee.

Why did you decide to become a trustee of Cinema For All?
I started volunteering at Deptford Cinema – a volunteer run film and art space in South East London – in 2017. I was very quickly hooked! I thought Deptford Cinema was one of a kind, but when I was introduced to Cinema for All through the annual conference and awards ceremony, I discovered there were so many more community cinemas across the country.

I have been fortunate to work with incredibly established and first time filmmakers on collaborative projects at Deptford Cinema, and to co-lead a travelling cinema for older people in our borough. When the opportunity arose to get involved with Cinema for All, I jumped at the chance to support the role of cinema in communities at a national level.

What do you enjoy most about your role as Trustee?
I was only elected as Trustee in September at the AGM at the annual conference, so I’m still very new and looking forward to completing my induction, my first board meeting, and coming out to visit community cinemas across the UK next year. If you would welcome a visit from me, please do get in touch! I’m really excited about learning what different groups are doing.

Do you have any advice for people who want to become a Trustee?
Do it! As an elected Trustee, you will be representing the voices of community cinema. There is a lot to take in during the first few months, particularly in relation to understand charity governance and regulations. However, you can’t be expected to retain it all on the first read. Keep referring back to documents regularly and most importantly never be afraid to ask questions! Even as the newbie, I have felt incredibly welcomed by the Cinema for All staff and Trustees. There is a great induction programme and you’ll get a supportive mentor too!


What is the best thing about being a trustee of Cinema For All?

Sukayna Najmudin: I have two:

  1. Getting to know the staff, seeing how they work and how much they really believe in the ethos of Cinema For All.
  2. Getting the opportunity to learn about and visit member organisations and seeing the breadth of or industry.

Zoe Ellis Moore: The feeling that everyone on board is very much on the journey with together and making a real difference. I would recommend others to join.

Nadine Thomson: Seeing and hearing about the outcome of the amazing films and events that community cinema groups are creating in their communities. You feel like the work you do as a Trustee has impact on people’s lives.

What have you been involved in while a trustee? 

Sukayna Najmudin:  I always wanted to showcase the amazing work young people do in our industry, and during my time on the board, I’ve worked with the team to look at ways we can expand on how we do this.

What have you gained from the experience? 

Peter Mitchell: Creating the role of secretary which was very necessary in my opinion, recruiting staff including our present CEO. Modifying the Articles of Association to improve how C4A operates, improving admin procedures at board meetings including the actions spreadsheet.

Zoe Ellis Moore: I really feel that it opens up another level of thinking. Adding trustee to my CV is a sure way of drawing attention and validating my capabilities.

Why did you agree to be put forward as a trustee?   

Peter Mitchell: To make a difference.

Sukayna Najmudin:  Initially, I was hesitant to put myself forward, as I’m quite young, being 24 at the time, and I worried that I didn’t have the experience necessary for the position. But I am so passionate about volunteer-run cinema and I really care about the work that Cinema For All does. I think that tops anything else when running for a trustee position, and the members agreed and could see my passion at the AGM.