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Looking back – the best of 2012

2012 was a bumper year for the BFFS Booking Scheme, it has now grown to over 550 titles and reflecting the diversity and originality of film society and community cinemas across the UK nearly 100 different titles were booked just this year. The top 10 most popular titles are a real mixed bag of classics, acclaimed foreign language gems and documentaries.

  1. Incendies – in at number one we have the fantastic 2011 Canadian Oscar nominee which follows the journey of twin brother and sister as they attempt to unravel the mystery of their mother’s life.
  2. The Hedgehog (Le Hérisson) – based on Muriel Barbery’s novel The Elegance of the Hedgehog, the film was given an amazing 96.7% reaction score at the 2011 BFFS National Conference.
  3. In a Better World – Beating Incendies to the Oscar but not our top spot, bad luck Susanne Bier.
  4. The Red Balloon/White Mane – The classic shorts from Albert Lamorisse proving they are as popular as ever.
  5. 2 Days in New York – the hilarious follow up to Julie Delpy’s 2 Days in Paris with an excellent Chris Rock.
  6. Loose Cannons – Ferzan Ozpetek’s story of two sons trying to get out of their pasta business inheritance.
  7. Way of the Morris – Tim Plester’s exploration of his morris dancing roots takes him from English village green to the battle fields of the Somme.
  8. Mademoiselle Chambon – Extraordinary performances make this French romance between a lonely teacher and married builder stand out.
  9. Benda Bilili! – A thrilling documentary following band Staff Banda Bilili from the streets of Kinshasa to music festivals round the world.
  10. Pomegranates & Myrrh – An exclusive to the BFFS Booking Scheme, this Palestinian film follows a dancer as she is torn between two men and shows the everyday difficulties of living in fear of Israeli forces.
Incendies – the most booked title of 2012

The full BFFS Booking Scheme Catalogue can be found on the BFFS website