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Film Society of the Year Awards 2017 – Shortlist

View the Shortlist!

We are delighted to announce the Film Society of the Year Awards shortlist for 2017. Congratulations to everyone who made it! We are excited to see you at the award ceremony on 11 November at 6pm, in our home city of Sheffield. If you didn’t quite get onto the shortlist this year, please don’t be discouraged – the competition was very tough this year and the judges had a difficult job before them.

Tickets can be bought now for just £5, which includes entry to the awards (presented by a special guest) as well as entry to our fabulous after party with dancing, pizza, great drinks and great conversations until 1am.

Eventbrite - Community Cinema Conference and Film Society of the Year Awards 2017

Book your tickets via our Eventbrite page now, where you can also find out information on hotel deals and travel bursaries.
The awards take place during the Community Cinema Conference (10-12, Sheffield). Look out for exciting programme announcements soon!

Many thanks to our event sponsors and supporters Filmbankmedia, MPLC, the BFI, Sheffield Hallam University, Octagon Films, Cinegi, Magic Rock and more…



Exquisite, stunning, euphoric. Dazzling. Timeless. Beautiful. These are just some of the words used to describe Moonlight.

Moonlight is the second feature film by director Barry Jenkins and has won over critics, audiences and most recently the Academy who gave it the Oscar for Best Picture.

The film follows the life of Chiron, a young black man who struggles through adolescence as he navigates his sexuality, his relationship with his loving but neglectful mother and frequent abuse from his peers. Not only does Moonlight offer a little-seen perspective in film, it is completely unique in its construction, ebbing away from expectation and exhaling like a cool breeze.

From its first public screening in the mountains at Telluride Film Festival and ascending its way to red carpets and critical acclaim, this film has been on quite a journey. Now Moonlight has arrived here with us on the Cinema For All Booking Scheme, courtesy of Altitude, a distribution partner that we enjoy working with to help bring vibrant and unique films for community cinemas to screen.

Moonlight Poster
The Moonlight poster glowing in the Cinema For All office.

Understanding the needs of community cinemas is at the heart of what we do and we are always striving to provide the best discounts, benefits and support. Moonlight is not released on DVD and Blu Ray until June and we are thrilled to make it available for community cinemas to screen from 10 March on an early release window.  We are ecstatic to have Moonlight here with us for many reasons but we look forward to you sharing it with your audiences most of all.

To book Moonlight click here. 

Community Cinema Conference – NCC

Geraldine from Newcastle Community Cinema reports back about attending the Community Cinema Conference and Film Society of the Year Awards. 

We attended this year’s Community Cinema Conference following a very tough year that saw Newcastle Community Cinema establish a permanent cinema venue in Newcastle and increase our programming schedule 4 fold. Working as volunteers and more recently as Trustees of the charity, our work load has expanded, putting many extra demands on us, both in terms of our community cinema and our personal lives. Our responsibilities have increased with the new venue and the plans to build new audiences. It has been a learning curve trying to strike a balance financially and in terms of our capacity as a group to deliver a diverse programme of film exhibition. We have continued to build audiences and develop new ones, whilst striving to remain sustainable. We are grateful to Film Hub Northern Ireland for the opportunities that their funding has afforded us.

In spite of the challenges we have faced we are still going strong. As a group of individuals who have full time occupations we have learned many ways to keep ourselves motivated, not burn ourselves out and maintain our interest and passion for what we do. It has become very important to us to participate in the annual UK-wide Community Cinema Conference and Film Society of the Year Awards. This year we were the only group representing community cinema in Northern Ireland. We have made many partnerships and take the opportunity to network and exchange ideas or learn of new developments in the collective movement of community cinema. We receive a very warm welcome and we hope that we contribute to the event. We are very proactive in the workshops and networking events.

The Community Cinema Conference is a rare opportunity for us to get together and indulge in our love of film as a group. We can see first-hand how Cinema For All is developing and how their strategy to increase and sustain the industry can be applied to our own organisation. We are learning all the time and we believe that NCC can provide feedback to them in terms of their strategic development and planning. This year we were nominated in two categories and were delighted to win Best Marketing and Publicity across the UK and receive a distinction in Best Programming. The awards provide an opportunity for us to take a look at what we continue to achieve and this is very motivating.

We have learned to take care of ourselves and NCC by working hard but knowing when we need to give ourselves a boost and remind ourselves that we are all good friends, have a lot in common and share interests. We ensure that we use the Community Cinema Conference to keep our interest fresh and reconnect with our counterparts from across the UK and beyond. We would like to see more representation from Northern Ireland film societies and community cinemas at this event. It is a celebration of the voluntary work that we all do as film exhibitors. It is motivational and energising. It is great fun and vital to us. We fly the flag for Northern Ireland and are proud to do so.

Mania Akbari


We are delighted to announce that the Film Society of the Year Awards will be co-hosted by Iranian filmmaker and actor Mania Akbari (Ten), who will also be screening her ground-breaking and award-winning new film Life May Be at the Community Cinema Conference.

Mania is a brilliant and bold filmmaker and we are delighted to have her with us in Sheffield.

Tickets will be available soon. We’ll see you at the ceremony on 3 October.