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New titles: classic Sherlock Holmes

Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes
Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes

We are very excited to be able bring a collection of classic Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes to the BFFS Booking Scheme.

This series produced in Hollywood between 1942 and 1946 feature the world’s favorite detective and his sidekick Dr Watson battle against villains in the form of Nazi’s, master criminals and insurance frauds.

Individual screenings will be charged at the usual flat fee rate of £85 but for the special offer price of £145 you can screen any two – either as a double bill or on different nights. If you would like to screen more than 2 of the films, please get in touch for more special rates.

Holmes and Watson join up with the wartime British Intelligence service to stop Nazi saboteurs whose activities are announced by the mysterious ‘Voice of Terror’.

Holmes pretends to be a Nazi spy to aid scientist Dr. Franz Tobel (William Post Jr.) and his new invention, a bombsight, in escaping a Gestapo trap in Switzerland.

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After the king of Rovinia is found murdered, Holmes and Watson are hired to escort his son and heir, Prince Nikolas, home. A flight is arranged but the aircraft can only take Holmes and Nikolas so Watson is ordered to follow on a passenger ship. On the voyage Watson learns that the plane crashed, and fears the worst…

A British agent carrying a vital document is murdered on his way to deliver it in the USA. Holmes deduces how he was carrying the document and goes to Washington with Watson to find the killer and retrieve the file before it falls into the hands of an “international spy ring”

Dr. Watson is serving as resident doctor at Musgrave Hall, a stately home which is also used as a hospital for a number of servicemen suffering from shell shock. He enlists the help of Holmes after his assistant is attacked. Scotland Yard detective Lestrade also arrives after the first in a series of murders which seem to be tied up with an ancient and apparently meaningless family ritual.

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Holmes investigates a series of bizarre apparent suicides among wealthy gamblers that he believes are being committed by a woman as cunning and dangerous as Moriarty.

Lord Penrose requests Sherlock Holmes’ help when his wife is found murdered in the village of La Mort Rouge. Sherlock is further intrigued when he receives a telegram from Lady Penrose herself, sent shortly before her death, also asking for his help. The villagers believe she is a victim of a legendary monster but Sherlock suspects a human culprit. Regarded by many as the best of the fourteen Sherlock Holmes films made by Rathbone and Bruce.

The theft of a valuable pearl with a sinister history is linked by Sherlock to a series of apparently motiveless murders. The master criminal Giles Conover and ‘The Hoxton Creeper’ appear to be behind the murders and Holmes and Watson must deduce what links the murders  before more victims are found.

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Holmes is contacted by an insurance agent, Chalmers, who tells him of a group of seven men known as ‘The Good Comrades’ who live together in a remote castle. One of the seven received a mysterious letter containing only seven orange pips. The following day he was found murdered an his body mutilated. A few days letter a second man received a letter containing six pips, and was also found dead shortly after. Chalmers suspects one of the seven is murdering the others in order to receive the extensive life insurance policy the group hold with him and begs Holmes to work out who it is before the rest are murdered.

Several young women are found murdered across London, each with a forefinger severed. Scotland Yard suspect a madman but Holmes believes there is more to it, and fears that Moriarty may have returned.

When the fabled Star of Rhodesia diamond is stolen on a London to Edinburgh train and the son of its owner is murdered, Sherlock Holmes must discover which of his suspicious fellow passengers is responsible.

Also known as Prelude to Murder  and Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Code , Dressed to Kill is the last of fourteen films starring Basil Rathbone. Three cheap musical boxes  manufactured in Dartmoor Prison are sold at a local auction house. However, a criminal gang is determined to steal and recover all three, even if it means committing murder. Holmes tries to recover the music boxes and crack the secret code contained in the tune before the gang can get what they want.