Silver Screen Spotlight

Date: 6 September 2022Category: Programming Guides
With Buster Keaton's first leading role as the scatterbrained son of a Wall Street tycoon in The Saphead available to screen from 01/01/23, we thought we'd cast a spotlight on just a handful of our silver screen favourites, available through our Booking Scheme for just £90! Light, camera, action... Man with a Movie Camera Voted as one of the ten greatest films of all time in Sight and Sounds annual poll and their number one documentary film of all time in a subsequent poll, Dziga Vertov's seminal documentary uses a staggering array of cinematic devices to capture the cities of Kyiv and Odesa at work and at play, as well as the machines that power them. Book now. Metropolis  Crafted through a series of pioneering "miniatures" to create the titular city scape, Fritz Lang's enduring Sci-Fi classic follows a peoples sharply divided between the working class and the city planners, when the son of the city's mastermind falls in love with a working class prophet who predicts the coming of a saviour to mediate their differences. Book now. The Most Dangerous Game Based upon the ever-popular short story by Richard Connell, this story of a psychotic big game hunter who deliberately strands a luxury yacht on a remote island in order to hunt its passengers for sport, remains a hugely influential masterpiece 90 years after its release.  Available to screen from 01/01/23, book now. The Passion of Joan of Arc Widely regarded as a landmark of cinema, Carl Theodor Dreyer's expertly researched The Passion of Joan of Arc tells the story of the doomed but ultimately canonised titular 15th-century teenage warrior, on trial for claiming she’d spoken to God. Book now. The Saphead

This classic comedy sees Buster Keaton, in his very first leading role, as the chaotic son of a Wall Street banker who goes to the stock exchange and saves his father from bankruptcy. Available to screen from 01/01/23, book now.

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