Working with the BFI once again, Cinema For All are delighted to be able to offer £150 funding support to community cinemas taking part in the BFI LOVE season. With LOVE kicking off in October we’re taking a look at some of the excellent titles available to choose from this year’s curated list, and sharing some ideas for how community cinemas can use the funding to offer extra value to their audiences.


Love is StrangeAvailable on DVD & BR

After almost 40 years together Ben and George have finally decided to get married. Unfortunately the Catholic school George works for views this decision as a step too far and he is fired. This loss of income forces Ben and George to sell their flat and move, separately, to stay with friends and family. While struggling with the pain of separation Ben and George are further challenged by the inter-generational tensions and difficult living arrangements.

Discussion groups are an excellent way to offer extra value to an audience. How do the social issues affecting Ben and George affect the lives of those we love? How can cinema be used as a vehicle for social change?


GloriaAvailable on DVD

Gloria, a 58-year-old divorcee, whose kids have grown up and left home, finds that her life is her own again and sets out to find love. She meets Rodolfo, also a divorcee, though markedly less independent than Gloria, at a nightclub. Their relationship is portrayed with real heart, at first blossoming, and then faltering, it shows honesty and humour. A triumphant and all too rare film featuring an older woman as its central character, Gloria has been a huge hit with film societies up and down the country.

Why not hold a dance and drinks reception themed around Gloria’s experiences and love of dance? This can be a fun way to engage your audience in the film’s content.

Appropriate Behaviour 3

Appropriate BehaviourAvailable on DVD

Shirin has just broken up with Maxine, her long-term girlfriend who has been kept a secret from Shirin’s traditional Persian parents. Shirin heads out looking for a rebound in an attempt to get over Maxine but she wilfully makes things harder for herself by refusing to go to work or to seek the support of her loving, if conservative parents. Appropriate Behaviour shuffles around the timeline exploring both the disintegrating relationship and Shirin’s misguided attempts to redefine herself now she is single. Witty, cynical and brash!

Poetry readings can offer a new way to think and talk about cinema. Why not invite local poets to prepare readings based on subjects at the heart of the LOVE season film that you exhibit? How can the faltering of a long-term relationship such as Shirin’s be explored in a creative and poetic manner?

OITD_J&A1_hires Kopie[2]

Out in the DarkAvailable on DVD

A drama centred on the love affair between two men on opposite sides of the Middle-East conflict: Palestinian student Nimer and Roy, an Israeli lawyer. Nimer risks his life sneaking into the more liberal Tel Aviv where he is able to be himself without reproach. Visiting a gay club with a friend, he meets and falls in love with Roy. But the threats facing Nimer don’t just come from the border guards; his sexuality will be sharply punished by his own friends and community if discovered.

Special introductions can offer a contextual background to cinema. How have history, geopolitics and religion affected the rights of individuals and how has cinema sought to address key social issues such as those faced by Nimer? Why not invite a speaker to introduce your LOVE film?

If you wish to take part in the BFI LOVE season then please get in touch with Cinema For All Major Seasons Booking Assistant, Mark by email at Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to show your audience some LOVE.