If your New Year’s resolution is to build upon the success of your community cinema, iron out any wrinkles or simply be part of the wider network of community cinema, why join up as a Member or Associate of Cinema For All in 2016? The benefits of joining up are stronger than ever, and our fast-growing network of members is full of groups with similar experiences and shared knowledge.

 ‘Being a part of Cinema For All has always been really important to us at Swindon Film Society, not just because of the tangible benefits: the Booking Scheme, insurance discounts, preview days, the awards… but more because it means we’re part of a network that supports and learns from each other. It’s great to know there are colleagues to turn to when things don’t quite go to plan – and to celebrate with when they go well!’ Barbara Hoffbauer, Swindon Film Society

What does membership include?
Cinema For All Members and Associates can access a huge range of special deals, such as public liability and equipment insurance discounts through our partners at WRS Insurance, and access to low-cost film hire via the Cinema For All Booking Scheme. In an exclusive offer with major distributors Filmbankmedia, new Cinema For All Members and Associates will no longer have to pay a deposit when opening a Filmbankmedia account (a saving of £150). You can also access a discount of 10% off equipment purchases from Soundsmith Audio Visual, which has saved some of our members £1000!

More great reasons to join.

 If you’re unsure of what might be the best category for you, or simply fancy a chat about your plans, please get in touch with our friendly and helpful team on 0114 2210314 or drop us a line on

We hope you have a great 2016 full of wonderful screenings and packed audiences!

NEXT STEPS: Choose which level of membership is right for you, then join up.


Image: Deptford Cinema at the 2015 Community Cinema Conference