New Membership Rates 2018

As approved by the Cinema For All membership at the 2017 AGM, certain member rates will be increasing. Whilst the main rate (for groups running for 3 years or more) will remain the same, we are making some changes to the first and second year rates.

From Jan 1st, the new rates will be:

  • Organisations running for 3 years or more: £95 (no increase)
  • Organisations in their second year: £80 (£8.75 increase)
  • Organisations in their first year: £65 (£17.50 increase)
  • Student Cinemas: £80 (£8.75 increase)
  • Schools: £65 (£17.50 increase)
  • Non volunteer led orgs: £110 (no increase)

This new structure has been proposed to balance the need to raise income to cover increasing costs with encouraging member retention for newer groups (making the step up to the third year rate less steep) and keeping fees steady for longer term members. While financial pressures can be high in groups’ initial stages, the Board of Trustees felt that the savings groups receive in the first and second years because of their Cinema For All membership far outweigh these increases. Becoming a Cinema For All member immediately saves a new group £150 for a Filmbankmedia deposit, 10% off public liability, or equipment insurance at WRS Insurance, as well as other discounts on events. Members also save £15 off each equipment hire (compared to a non-member hire).

If you have any questions, do feel free to have a chat with us when the office reopens in the New Year.