As part of the Cinema For All LIFT package to help relaunch community cinemas, we have worked closely with our distributors to bring you a wide range of titles on the Booking Scheme that are available for either a *3 for 1 licence or **£50 lower cost licence fee.

These offers are available for screenings taking place between 18/08/2020 and 17/01/2021 only.

All films on the Booking Scheme are currently offered on a ‘screen from your own copy’ basis, meaning you screen the film from your own purchased DVD/Blu Ray or official digital purchase e.g. iTunes. Some films are not available on these home entertainment formats and in these cases we will work with you and the distributor to either send you a screener disc or link. You will be notified once we receive your booking if this is the case. Please use this booking form to request any of the titles in this list and select which offer you’d like (either the 3for1 or £50 lower cost licence). All other Booking Scheme terms and conditions apply to these bookings and any others bookings of titles on the Booking Scheme outside of this list.

We hope these offers are helpful to your community cinema during this difficult time.

We’d also like to share our wholehearted thanks to our distribution partners for helping to make this possible.

*You can screen the film up to three times over three consecutive days for £90 flat fee.
**The film is available for £50 flat fee and can only be screened once per booking.

To find out more, simply download the list of available films here, and click on the links to find information about each of the films.