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YourScreen announces Season 3: 1 March – 23rd May

YourScreen, the virtual cinema set up with community cinemas in mind, is about to launch its third season of films.

The films are all available to book now by community cinemas interested in offering the unique opportunity to see films unavailable from any other source to their members. The season offers a broad representation of the best of current global cinema, with titles from Morocco, France, Mongolia, the UK, Poland, Austria and Russia, and includes documentaries, archive film, comedies and thought-provoking serious dramas. Partnering with YourScreen enables you to offer these films to your members at a discounted rental rate.

Two pricing models are available – an up-front fee arrangement, for groups with a subscribing membership, whereby your members can view the films at no cost, and a TVOD (‘pay-as-you-go’) arrangement, for groups which are no longer accepting subscription fees, whereby your members view films at an agreed rental rate. You will be liable for no further costs – YourScreen pays the license fee etc. In both cases your group receives a return – the up-front fee is based on the cost to you of presenting a film at your physical venue less 15%, and all TVOD rentals return 15% of the box office to your group.

YourScreen’s Season 3 launches on 1 March with An Impossible Project, Asunder and Cat In the Wall. The other five films will be launched at intervals throughout the season, which runs until 23 May.

Secure online screener links for all films can be provided to community cinema organisers on request.

To learn more please contact: Chris Baker: More information at