Happy International Women’s Day

Today is a day to celebrate great women, and we are so inspired by all of the amazing women in community cinema every single day!

This year’s official International Women’s Day campaign is #BalanceforBetter, promoting a more gender-balanced world.

In the film industry alone, there is huge gender imbalance. In 2018, women represented only 4% of directors, 15% of writers, 3% of cinematographers, 18% of producers, 18% of executive producers and 14% of editors for the top grossing films. Plus, Kathryn Bigelow is still the only woman to have ever won an Academy Award for ‘Best Director’!

Something that is really helping shed light on this inequality, and promoting fair representation of women both on screen and behind the camera, is F Rated. Launching in 2014, F Rated is applied to films by cinemas and film festivals to highlight films that fairly represent women. F Rated say that showcasing these films ‘sends a clear message to distributors, producers and funders that women can and should have more than just a supporting role within the industry’.

The F-Rating is awarded to films:
1. directed by a woman and/or
2. written by a woman
If the film also features significant women on screen in their own right it is TRIPLE F-Rated.

At Cinema For All, we think that it is hugely important to represent stories told by a wide and diverse range of people, and we try our best to reflect this through the films on our Booking Scheme! Check out some of our F Rated Films that you can book below:

Vote 100: Born a Rebel
Skate Kitchen
Boom For Reel
The Rider
3000 Nights
Sweet Bean
and loads more!

We love talking about women in film on the Cinema For All Podcast. Have a listen to our episode celebrating female filmmakers here.

You should also check out all of the fun things that we are doing on social media to celebrate International Women’s Day @cinemaforall!