Who Loves The Sun

Year: 2006Certificate: 15

Matt Bissonnette
Lukas Haas, Adam Scott, Molly Parker, R.H. Thomson, Wendy Crewson
Running Time:
94 mins
English Subtitles:
Country of Origin:
Comedy, Drama, Film

WHO LOVES THE SUN is a funny, touching and poignant tale of two best friends whose close-knit personal history is put to the test one idyllic summer weekend when the long lost Will resurfaces after a mysterious absence.

Will (LUKAS HAAAS, Inception) and Daniel (ADAM SCOTT, Knocked Up) grew up together, sharing their most intimate and life-defining experiences including Will’s marriage to Maggie Claire (MOLLY PARKER, The Road). Over the years, however, their lives took radically different paths, resulting in a reunion that’s filled with animosity and regret. The former friends eventually come to blows, but the intensity of their feelings takes an emotional detour when Maggie shows up.

A delightfully witty, character-driven comedy set against a stunning Canadian landscape, WHO LOVES THE SUN features a perfectly judged trio of lead performances, some laugh-out-loud moments of inspired comic invention and a memorable soundtrack from Mac McCaughan of US Indie rock group Portastatic. Evoking iconic American filmmakers such as Hal Hartley, director Matt Bissonnette’s impressive second feature, nominated for the AFI Grand Jury Prize, possesses a unique understanding of the complexities of the human heart.

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