Trip To Asia

Year: 2008Certificate: E

Thomas Grube
Sir Simon Rattle, The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
Running Time:
108 mins
English Subtitles:
Country of Origin:
Documentary, Film

Documenting THE BERLIN PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA’s tour of Asia, including their first performance in China since 1979, THOMAS GRUBE’s extraordinary film offers privileged access to one of the world’s premiere orchestras and the 126 musicians — all masters of their craft — that make up this unique self governing institution.

Rehearsing and performing challenging pieces by Strauss, Beethoven and Thomas Adès’, TRIP TO ASIA is also an exploration of what it is like to be a member of a world renowned orchestra, from the point of view of seasoned veterans, probationers and, leading them all, the charismatic SIR SIMON RATTLE. The fragility of egos, the pain of insecurity and the nervousness of awaiting acceptance by the group are balanced against the thrill of being a part of history and the rare opportunity of transcending the performing environment and achieving a vital moment of grace through music.

An extraordinarily insightful and thrilling film, TRIP TO ASIA is above all else a celebration of music and the musicians who perform it.

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