Surviving Life

Year: 2010Certificate: 15

Jan Svankmajer
Václav Helsus, Klára Issová, Zuzana Krónerová
Running Time:
109 mins
English Subtitles:
Country of Origin:
Czech Republic, Japan, Slovakia
Comedy, Drama, Film

Eugene leads a double life - one real, the other in his dreams. In real life he has a wife called Milada; in his dreams he has a young girlfriend called Eugenia. Sensing that these dreams have some deeper meaning, he goes to see a psychoanalyst, Dr. Holubova, who interprets them for him, with the help of some argumentative psychoanalytical griping from the animated heads of Freud and Jung.

As we gradually piece together Eugene's life story, his dream-world love affair with Eugenia is thwarted by the appearance of other characters, including her little boy Peter, her extortionist ex-husband, and a filthy old woman who keeps warning him not to harm her. Soon after, we discover she is expecting Eugene's child - to the dismay of Dr. Holubova, who believes Eugenia is in fact his anima. And getting your anima pregnant is worse than incest...

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