Documentary Spotlight

Date: 10 August 2022Category: Programming Guides
With the a whole host of new documentaries coming to Cinema For All's Booking Scheme, we thought we'd highlight some of the finest non-fiction stories currently available to screen for just £90! The Hermit of Treig Winner of the Glasgow Film Festival's Audience Award, director Lizzie MacKenzie's film follow Ken Smith, who has spent the past four decades living alone in a log cabin nestled near Loch Treig, known as 'the lonely loch'. He has no electricity or running water and lives off the land. MacKenzie has known Ken since 2012 and filmed him through changing seasons and challenging health problems. Her warm, captivating documentary, fondly celebrates a man in the wilderness and records the friendship that has grown between them. Book now. Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time Over 25 years in the making, this chronicling of one of America's most acclaimed and prolific writers began as a simple biography  by renowned filmmaker and fan of Vonnegut, Robert B. Weide, and turned into an account of not only his extraordinary life but of the  decades long friendship that grew between subject and filmmaker. Available to screen from 29/08/22, book now. Lancaster This moving new documentary follows the story of the iconic WW2 bomber told through the words of the last surviving crew members, remastered archive material and extraordinary aerial footage of the RAF's last airworthy Lancaster. This epic and poignant story of courage, fear, friendship and the moral complexities of war, was described by The Guardian as a "gripping tribute to the plane and lost pals from surviving airmen". Book now. The Princess This acclaimed documentary from the director of Netflix's Tell Me Who I Am, sees Princess Diana's story told exclusively through contemporaneous archive, creating a bold and immersive narrative of her life and death. It also illuminates how the public's attitude to the monarchy was, and still is. Available to screen from 09/09/22, book now. Ride the Wave Having participated in competition surfing worldwide, 14-year-old Scottish, under-18 champion, Ben Larg, is prepared to put his life on the line to ride one of the biggest and most dangerous cold-water waves in the world at Mullaghmore, Ireland. If he gets it right, he joins an elite group. If he gets it wrong, the consequences are terrifying. Danger, opportunity, and dilemma collide, propelling Ben and his family towards an unknown destiny. Available to screen from 09/09/22, book now.
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