The Engholm Prize for Film Society of the Year

Engholm Prize Application Form (Word)
Engholm Prize Application Form (PDF)

Please carefully read the Guidance Notes before applying. 

The Engholm Prize is awarded each year to the film society or community cinema that has demonstrated excellence and innovation in all areas of operation. The prize is the highest honour that Cinema For All can bestow upon an organisation. When assessing this award the judges will take a holistic overview of an organisation’s programming, educational value, marketing and publicity, environmental considerations and community activity.

In addition, the judges will likely be looking for evidence of:

  • An exceptional level of quality across all award categories submitted (you may have evidenced this by applications in each category)
  • Deliberate pursuit of excellence
  • Triumph over adversity and/or challenging circumstances

All Engholm applications must be backed up by applications in at least 2 other categories.

Send your completed application form to by 31 July 2021. Good luck!

Audio for the Engholm Prize for Film Society of the Year webpage:


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Audio for the Guidance Notes for the 2021 Film Society of the Year Awards