Community Cinema Conference FAQs 2021

Have you bought your ticket to the 2021 Community Cinema Conference? Below is an FAQ on how to access the weekend. All attendees will be sent their interactive brochure ahead of the event. 


How the weekend works
Of course, this weekend is entirely online, using Zoom, private screening links, YouTube and more to help you access the programme. We’ve aimed to recreate the shape and spirit of the usual conference weekend through a programme of screening links, live panels, pre-recorded workshops and online networking. In recognition of a slightly different type of year, we have also tried to end things a little earlier in the day, to allow you some time away from computer screens. We have made the programme interactive and easy to understand, so you can simply click where you want to be at the scheduled start time.

However, the beauty of this online set-up is that everything is available to you at your own control – meaning that you can see every film and attend every session. We have tried and tested this online programme, but please bear with us if there are any technical mishaps.

How do we access the programme’s content?
Welcomes, sessions and networking will be hosted live on Zoom, films will be available through a password protected screening link and the Film Society of the Year Awards will be presented live on Zoom on Saturday, early evening. All links can be found in your brochure.

We also have pre-recorded sessions hosted on YouTube, which you can watch along at the scheduled time, or catch up on later at your own convenience. To access the sessions, you’ll find that our programme (sent to attendees in advance via Eventbrite) is completely interactive, and contains links to all the panels, films (including passwords), live sessions and pre-recorded content. You can also find all links listed at the back of the brochure , in case you need them in a hurry. Please do not share this with non-attendees.

The Cinema For All team will be on hand in all sessions and in the Zoom Room all weekend to guide you through the programme and remind you of any links, should you need them.

How do I watch the films?
Simply click on the film link in the programme and enter any password you have been provided with. Each film will be introduced by a Cinema For All team member, so do join us in the ‘Film Room’ before you press play by clicking on the link in the programme.

How do we watch the pre-recorded sessions?
We invite you to watch these sessions at the scheduled programmed time, along with all delegates. However, you may watch these at a later time, at your own leisure. Simply click on the link in the programme. 

How does the ‘Zoom Room’ work?
Our networking room – the ‘Zoom Room’ – acts as a delegate area throughout the weekend. It will be moderated by Cinema For All staff at all times, who will pop you in a break-out room if you’d like to have a quieter chat/ talk to someone in particular. You can request this through the Zoom Live Chat function as and when you need it. In addition, we encourage you to chat, share and celebrate on social media using our hashtags #fsoy2021 and #cinemaforall. You can also chat during the sessions using Zoom Live Chat, which will be moderated by the Cinema For All team.

What about the Film Society of the Year Awards?
This year’s award ceremony is being presented live from the Cinema For All office in Sheffield by Chief Executive, Deborah Parker and our Chair, Dr. Gemma Bird. In recognition of the times we live in, the awards are slightly different this year, with categories such as Best Audience Engagement celebrating the wonderful work community cinemas did to support audiences during lockdown. Join us in the Film Screening Room from 17.00 on Saturday.

 Will I be able to watch the sessions and films afterwards?
Yes! If you missed any of the sessions, or films, you will be able to see them afterwards – you have until the end of Sunday to watch the films. The live sessions will be recorded, uploaded to YouTube and sent to all attendees after the conference and will be available until 30 November.

Can I share the links with my team?
We’re afraid only people that have bought tickets will be able to watch the sessions and films. If you’d like them to access the weekend’s content, please send them the link to buy a ticket. Prices start from only £15 and there are even bursaries still available!

Will you be able to help me with tech?
We will be able to help if there is a problem with any of our links, or sessions (either contact us on Zoom Live Chat, or email and troubleshoot any issues you may have. However, we won’t be able to help if the issue is with your own computer, or broadband bandwidth.

Will there be BSL/ captions?
Yes, both are available via Zoom. Our friends and BSL interpreters David and Leanne will be back again this year, and can be viewed via Zoom should you like to watch their stream. Captioning is also available via Zoom on all live sessions, and all pre-recorded content will be available with captions.

Can I still come to a session if I missed the start?
Yes, this is totally fine – you can also catch up afterwards on anything you missed, and you can start the film screenings yourself by following the links.

How will the AGM work?
Follow the link in the interactive programme at the scheduled start time (Sunday, 1.30pm). The trustees will be there to guide you through the session. We will mute all participants to begin with as we move through the agenda, but there will be room for pre-submitted questions towards the end, as well as a chance to chat to the trustees informally after the business of the AGM has concluded. All AGM papers can be found here:
If you are a current, fully paid up member of Cinema For All, you may vote on the agenda points on the day and in the trustee election. We will walk you through how to do that in the session.
As previously communicated, any formal AGM questions should have been pre-submitted by email.

Is there a safer spaces policy/ code of conduct?
Yes, as with all Cinema For All events, we operate a Safer Spaces Policy.

We are also operating a Code of Conduct to help us manage any inappropriate language, or behaviour throughout the weekend, as well as keeping a spirit of learning, cooperation and support. All attendees have been sent this in advance of the weekend.

  • We welcome delegates with disabilities. All conference sessions are BSL interpreted and have the option to have captions. Please email us on if you have any concerns, or requirements and we will be happy to help.
  • If you need a quiet space, or would like to have a quiet conversation at any point throughout the weekend, please let us know and we’ll pop you in a Zoom break-out room (see FAQs for more).
  • We can provide a larger print version of this brochure on request.
  • Cinema For All operates a Safer Spaces Policy at all of our events. Please be respectful of all delegates and alert a member of staff if something troubles you.

We have programmed plenty of time for you to network and catch up over the week, with our ‘Zoom Room’ being open at all times, good, long lunch breaks and a chance to celebrate with others on Saturday evening. If you’d like more formal networking opportunities, or to be introduced to someone in particular, please let staff know and they will help you.