Cinema For All Membership

The support you need to achieve your community cinema dreams.

‘I found the care and support of Cinema For All most beneficial. The team has always been there to answer all my questions and concerns – even taking the local licensing authority to task when they wanted to impose an unfair charge on our venue. I have every confidence that I can call Cinema For All for support, and that support will be given.’ Cross Point Community Cinema

Cinema For All is here to support you to bring great film to the people in your community. If you need support and advice from a patient and friendly team of experts, as well as access to our incredible range of films, why not join as a Member or Associate in 2017?

Members and Associates can access the Cinema For All Booking Scheme, with its wealth of excellent cinema at unbeatable licence costs. The majority of our titles are just £85* – we don’t charge for delivery or add on VAT. We only ask that you post back the film promptly so it can be used by another community cinema. This Spring, Members can book the ground breaking Best Picture Moonlight 3 months ahead of its release on DVD and Blu-ray!

Additional benefits include access to exclusive deals on our short film collections and discounts on your equipment and public liability insurance through our partners WRS. For brand new groups, Cinema For All Members do not have to pay the £150 deposit when opening a Filmbankmedia account**  – a huge saving that helps put you in a strong financial position from the outset.

Membership begins at just £47.50 for new groups (rising to £71.25 in your second year, then £95 per year afterwards). Join today to become part of a bigger network of community cinema organisers. Together, we’re stronger.

Join now.

*We also have a selection of films from our friends at MPLC, offered on a screen-from-your-own-copy, commercial basis with a minimum guarantee of just £85 (no VAT).

*please note that new groups taking advantage of the Filmbankmedia deposit waiver are expected to remain members of Cinema For All for at least 3 years, renewing each year.